Dr. José Antonio Hidalgo López

Proceedings in chronological order

Óscar Oballe-Peinado, José A. Hidalgo-López and Fernando Vidal-Verdú, Pre-processing of Tactile Data in Smart Tactile Sensors based on FPGAs (Workshop on Advances in tactile sensing and touch based human-robot interaction) (Boston, USA), 2012

Óscar Oballe-Peinado, José A. Hidalgo-López, José A. Sánchez-Durán,Julián Castellanos-Ramos and Fernando Vidal-Verdú, Architecture of a tactile sensor suite for artificial hands based on FPGAs ( The Fourth IEEE RAS/EMBS International Conference) (Roma, Italy, 24 June-27 June), 2012, IEEE RAS/EMBS

J.A. Sánchez Durán, J.A. Hidalgo López, E. Ochoteco and F. Vidal-Verdú, Experimental evaluation of the incidence of tactile sensor limitations on application parameters (IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium (SAS). ISBN: 978-1-4244-4989-7) (Limerick, Irlanda), 2010, páginas 175-178

Oscar Oballe-Peinado, Julián Castellanos-Ramos, José Antonio Hidalgo, H. Macicior, E. Ochoteco and Fernando Vidal-Verdú, Interface for Tactile Sensors based on direct connection to a FPGA (IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics. ISBN 978-1-4244-4195-2) (Málaga, España, 14 April-17 April), 2009

Óscar Oballe-Peinado, Julián Castellanos-Ramos. José A. Hidalgo- López, and Fernando Vidal-Verdú, Direct Interfaces for Smart Skins based on FPGAs (SPIE Symposium on Microtechnologies for the New Millenium) (Dresden, Germany, 4 May-6 May), 2009, 7365

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